Study Finds That Fast Food Ice Is Dirtier Than Toilet Water


A recent study found that ice from McDonald’s, Burger King, & KFC (to name a few) is dirtier than toilet water. Most fast food restaurants don’t even offer real food, it’s usually riddled with a number of industrial toxic chemicals and harmful GMOs.

Scientific tests have shown that ice from branches of McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Starbucks, Cafe Rouge and Nando’s all had higher levels of bacteria than samples of water taken from their lavatory bowls. Experts have said it could be due to the toilets being cleaned more often than the ice machines. Even though the outcome was that none of the samples found presented an immediate health danger, but four contained such high levels of microbes the restaurants should be considered a ‘hygiene risk’, according to a Government-accredited laboratory. The study was carried out in restaurants in the UK, but similar results can be expected all over the world because the issue relates not to the water used but to the bacterial growth in the ice machines and/or workers’ lack of hygiene.

The fact that we are not all sick proves that your body is equipped to handle these types of infectious assaults, but that doesn’t mean there’s no risk. Children, the elderly, and people with depleted immune systems are among the most vulnerable. If you are regularly going to fast food restaurants and drinking lots of sweetened beverages it will take its own toll on your immune function, which could make you and your children more susceptible to health problems from contaminated ice.